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Sunday, May 08, 2005

reflection from Vicky Hsu

Article: U.S. Weapons Envoy Pessimistic About Talks With North Korea
Published: April 30, 2005
The world has never been peaceful since weapons were made thousands years ago. Whenever there is a man eager to conquer a territory, there are many people victimized for fulfilling his ambition. However, people do not surrender themselves to the power the man has, but to the fear that they have. A good leader does not prey on people’s fear, but their admiration and respect. “We produce bombs, missiles, fighters, and so forth to defend ourselves and to keep the world peaceful,” said some people. However, it is an excuse to cover their greed for subjecting other people. To common people, no one likes wars and no one was born to fight. We were born to live together, to cooperate with one another, and to make our world more livable and wonderful.
There is one more point to be concerned which is that the more power one has, the more responsibility one takes. As a leader, you have to be aware of every word that you want to express with. You are the representative of a group of people, so your words are valuable if you apply well. You have to make your speech concise and to the point. You have to avoid any word which could provoke offensive feelings. You can not let your fame or social status blinds your mind, and do not overlook your people’s needs. There is nothing completely fair and beneficial to every person in the world. Therefore, the only thing you can do is concern about most people’s needs and try to maximize the profit.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

reflection from Vicky Hsu

Article: For Indonesia's Tsunami Amputees, a Long, Hard Road
Published: April 24, 2005
The biggest disaster which killed approximately 300 thousand people in south Asia last year seems to be buried by most people in developed and developing countries. However, it is not the end of the tragedy. The pain of losing families and friends and the suffering from physical and mental injury keep torturing victims. It is disappointing and dishonorable that people’s mercy only lasts for a short time.
It is true that people who are still alive always suffer much more than those who are dead because people suffer mentally rather than physically. Therefore, it is important to develop a well-organized medicine and social welfare system. Besides helping people recover health, it is more essential to recover their dignity. Maybe it is impossible to help disabled people lead in normal lives again. However, we can at least encourage them with our love and patience to lead hopeful lives.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

family (Vicky Hsu from UL2B)

I have never got along with my family well since I had consciousness. Therefore, the word "family" does not mean much to me. It just stands for some people live together and they are in the same blood relationship, that's all. However, from Austin's case, I found a new and meaningful definition which I really like. “Family isn't necessarily somebody you live with or are related to. Family is a group of people that sometimes every now and then get on your nerves but for the most part you just love them to death.”
Here, I want to tell a story of my friend whose experience is similar to Austin in some ways. His name is Ahan. He lost his mom when hs was 9 years old. His mom also died of the breast cancer. However, the process of overcoming the sorrow of losing his mom is totally different from Austin's case. Ahan became taugh and sometimes not so easy going. I was so impressed one time when we were junior high. I still remembered that he was beaten so hard by our teacher using the rattan, but I forgot the reason. Then, he punched on the window fiercely after other classmates left. He got hurt and his hand started bleeding. I was so suprised because we study music. How could he do that to make the creator of music hurt? At that time, he said to me that "Do not let my father know how I get hurt," which made me pretty sad. He become so rebellious after his mom died; however, he never showed his sadness to others and never wanted his father to worry about him. He cherishes his family even more. I was so touched. Imagin how hard it could be for a child to pretend strong and brave. I share this story here to remind every one, especially me, that catch chaces to cherish people who love you and who you love.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

picture1 (Vicky Hsu)

Nowhere to put dead bodies Posted by Hello
After the disaster, the most important thing is how to deal with corpses.
It is essential to prevent people from another tragedy of the plagues.

picture 2 (Vicky Hsu)

Many people lost their families Posted by Hello
It was taken in the southern part of India, one of regions which were badly ruined.
As you can see, so many children died in this tragedy.

quake in 3.30 by Vicky Hsu (UL2B)

Big Quake, No Tsunami Posted by Hello
There was an earthquake again in Indonesia. Fortunately, there wasn’t any horrible tsunami followed by. However, the local people around south Asia still felt so scared that they ran away from their houses. The expert said that the reason why no giant waves this time was the epicenter of the earthquake was not deep.
I am very sorry for hearing such miserable news again. It’s been so long, to me, that most people have forgotten there are still so many people live in fear, including me. It made me consider that “Could it be enough that we only have donated plenty of money to those victims?” The answer is definitely “NO!” Maybe the idiom—time goes by, means nothing to those who live in developed countries. However, to those who lost their families and friends in disasters, time means something. How many nights could they sleep well? How many days should they spend to recover from the sorrow of losing their beloved? How much money can be enough to get their home rebuilt? Although money can do many things, it can not comfort broken hearts. People like us should care about how to help them rebuild their home and how to help them find their ways to keep going. Furthermore, the most important thing is that where our money is. Is it going to the right way and really help people, or has it taken by others who have more power for private uses? The following I will put two pictures to share with you. These two pictures were take last year after the tsunami invaded those areas in south Asia.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

listening to news Vicky Hsu

listening to news
Today, in Taipei, there was a great event, "March for Democratic and Peace to Protect Taiwan" rally which showed that Taiwan is a democratic country and represented that Taiwan is not China's annexation. Many people went there and paraded with the president. However, KMT and PFP, including their supporters didn't participate in this rally; furthermore, several of the supporters even provoked those who joined in the parade. It really made me angry not only because I am a DPP supporter but also I am a Taiwanese. Every one has a right choosing what to do besides hurting others.
If you don't like this kind of protest rally, you just don't go like me. The point is that we, as Taiwanese people, should be conscious of Taiwan is a sovereign country. We have our rights not to be threatened by China.

Vicky Hsu

Battle Over Terri Schiavo
Posted by Hello
Terri's case has been a tough issue in Florida recently because Terri's feeding tube
was reconnected last Friday. Terri's parents and brother are still fighting with her husband.
They want Terri to keep being alive; however, her husband alleges that Terri told him she would rather die if she becomes a vegetable, and he insists on ending her life.
As an outsider, I hope that Terri's parents can win this case. No one can decide other people's death unless these people are not willing to live. Although Terri's husband said she told him she would choose to die, his words haven't been proved. Furthermore, Terri's family doesn't want to give up. If there is still a hope that Terri might revive someday, we should not give up so easily.
However, if I were her, I would rather die instead of living in a vegetative state. It is torturous not only to me but also to those who love me. Instead of having my beloved suffer so much, I am willing to die. Although my family and friends would be sad, time would heal them and they will keep going with my soul beside.

Friday, March 25, 2005

If shopping is your love, there is a job just for you-Annie Chen 9060156

shop Posted by Hello

"Like to spend money? There's a job that actually pays you to shop," this is the title which caught my attention. “Yes, I do. I like to shop and I would definitely enjoy this kind of job.”
Mystery shoppers also called secret shoppers are hired to evaluate the client’s companies, chains or retail stores. That could be any kinds of companies which try to improve their businesses and services.
Shoppers basically are given a list of criteria by client to check and may seek out certain employees or ask specific questions, and then write down the points. Once the assignment is done, they need to fill out a form to detail the results. Sometimes, they have to bring a stopwatch to check the specific time on how long it takes to be served, a thermometer for the temperature of coffee or hot drinks, or a portable scale to weight the drink to make sure that everything fits the company’s standard.
I think this is a challenging, meaningful and fun job. I would love to do it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

listening to news Vicky Hsu ..supplement

listening to news
I just listened to news of yesterday when doing something else. I didn't pay much attention to it until I heard that Ashley Smith who was a hostage hold by Brian Nichols say Brian let her to see her daughter. I was really supprised. I thought this man must have kindness somewhere in his heart because he definately knew what would happen if he gave this permission. Furthermore, he said Smith was an angle, also his sister, so the God lead him to her. i don't know why i just feel he is not so bad in some ways.

listening to news it's Vicky (UL2B)

listening to news
finally, i know how to post..ha

I heard a news that Brian Nichols who shot a judge and the other two officers at Atlanta courthouse last Friday has been arrested on Tuesday.
I am so happy about that because he is so brutal and inhuman; maybe he has some mental problems. He had committed so many crimes, such as rapes and impresonments; even murdered people at the courthouse. However, I am a little disappointed because he is black. It is because I don't like people to discriminate others because of their skin colors. However, with this misfortune, I think there will be more white people destesting black people, or maybe being scared of them and refusing to contact with them.